Program Development Team Leader

Company Name:
Scanwell Logistics
Position Type:
Program Development Team Leader
Scanwell Logistics is an international logistics company founded in 1981 We have 60+ offices worldwide and is one of the largest privately own logistics company from Hong Kong.
Scanwell is looking for an entrepreneurial candidate in New England, region, northeastern United States, including the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut., to join us in the capacity of Program Development Team Leader. This person needs to have an established record in trucking or logistics related fields.
This position requires a forthright and consistent daily effort to maximize business activities from his / her home or self sustained office. It will be perfect for someone who is looking into building up an extended line of services that will include international logistics. This person will be responsible for recruiting the right candidates to be part of Scanwell Group Sales Agencies in the area of USA Upper East Coast. ( or Midwest )
His / her compensation will include:-
-Contracted Salary of USD 2,500+
-Management fee for each Sales Agency he / she recruits per month on top of the basic salary
-Attractive commission for any logistics business that he / she has secured
Should you be interested, please contact and send in your resume or CV to Ms Winnie Kong at please apply online .

Don't Be Fooled

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